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Carbonato de potássio 99% Min, grau técnico

Descrição do produto

Aparência: Pó Branco ou Grânulo Amostra: Livre Especificação: Excelente Qualidade Código HS: 28364000 Pureza: 99% Min Marca: YC Origem: China
Mercadoria: Carbonato de potássio denso
1. Padrão principal
  Chemical composition          Potassium Carbonate Dense
CAS NO 584-08-7
Standard GB210.1-2004
Package 25kg/50kg/1000kg in the PP bag, 25MT in the 20' container without pallet
       Appearance              White Powder or Granular
Potassium Carbonate is used as raw materials in manufacturing electro tube, TV kinescope, computer display. It is applied in optical glass improving clarity, strength and refractive index. It is also applied in electrode avoiding electric arc breaking-off during welding. It is used to produce food additives like potassium sorbate, monopotassium phosphate, etc. Potassium Carbonate is foliar spray fertilizer and a constituent of compound fertilizer. In dyeing industry, it is used to produce vat dyestuff and discharge of ice dyeing. It is absorbent removing hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide; dry powder extinguisher mixed with soda; auxiliary raw material for producing alcohol and acetone; and anti-aging agent in rubber production. Its solution is used in boiling and scouring of cotton cloth and wool's degreasing. In addition, it is also used in manufacture of printing ink, photograph-drug, polyester, explosives, electroplating, tanning, ceramic, building materials, crystals and medicine.  

2. Especificação
Item            Index
         High Glass
        Purity (as K2CO3) %≥            99.0
         Chloride(as KCL) % ≤       0.01
         Sulphate (as K2SO4) % ≤       0.01
            Ferric (as Fe) % ≤       0.001
           Water Insoluble % ≤       0.02
         Heavy Metal (as Pb) % ≤            0.002
                        AS % ≤            0.0003
           Ignition loss % ≤            0.60
       1.4mm Screen Tailings % ≤            1.00
       1.8um Screen Tailings % ≥            90.0
         Bulk Density (g/ml) ≥            1.30

Potassium Carbonate 99%Min, Technical Grade

Grupo de Produto : Outros Minerais

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